Shaq & Mo on the GO!

A Rising Star

Shaquille O’Neal first discovered Mopacino after hearing his song “Vette” featuring DJ View.  Upon hearing the single Shaq connected with Mopacino, who had already created a following for himself on the underground scene, and the rest has been history. Shaq has been on tour as DJ Diesel and has  DJ’d  in and around cities across the US and wordwide.  The two share a common love for music, performing, the feel being on stage and the crowd’s energy.

Celebrity Engagement

With the help of  Shaq’s influence,  Mopacino has been seen with the likes of Ice Cube, Lil John, Jermaine Dupree, Akon, and Quavo from the Migos.  Mopacino is getting tremendous exposure from his network of celebrity peers and his fan base which is evident throughout his social media.   As his following grows so do his platform to share his story with seasoned people in the music industry and to inspire his fans as well.

Social Media

Being on social media has given him the proper platform to reach his audience for people to follow him.You can also catch his music being played on Cleveland Ohio’s radio station 96.5. With a mentor like Shaq, you may  catch a glimpse of  Cleveland Ohio’s own Arabic Rapper gracing the scene with an exhaustive list of other A-list celebrities everywhere from Shaq’s annual Funhouse, in concert, or anywhere else that the industry calls him to be.

So look for this hot new artist that has an unbelievable magnetism coming to a city near you. Associate Record’s Mopacino is going places so be sure to follow him on all of the social media platforms.

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Pandora: Mopacino

By Ms. Dianna Pearl


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