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There’s a new rap Artist on the come up! In a recent interview for The Big Come Up News, Associate Records’s Mopacino, the former Underground King and rising mainstream rap artist took some time to share a side of him that only close friends and family may know.

His universal love for everything creative is well displayed in over a decades worth of footage on his Instagram, Youtube and every other major social networking platform.  Across the web, he can be seen both as an interviewee and interviewer, performing on stages and in studios, in photos and videos with some of our favorite celebrities, and even feeding the homeless and advocating for his people and the Muslim faith.


Born Mohammed Mustafa in Dearborn Michigan, a rambunctious Mo and his family moved to Cleveland when he was around six years old.  His family’s history of survival may have been one of the causes of his unruly, rebellious attitude growing up.

“ I was always thinking deep even from a young age. My father witnessed his father, my grandfather, being killed right in front of him when he was 13.  I wasn’t even born yet but the way that my father tells the story makes me feel like I was there, I can actually imagine it.” 


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