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By the age of six, artist Mopacino had relocated himself and was living in Cleveland, Ohio after being born in the beautiful city of Detroit, Michigan. While growing up, his musical genes began to evolve when he had started to create Reggae music, which consisted of developing beats by banging pans and pots available at home. He was considered hasty as he grew and reached his teenage, for always being involved in pretty unorthodox activities. Growing up in an Arab family, such unorthodoxy always made him suffer at home, thus also hindering his chances towards scaling heights of success.

At the mere age of fifteen, he decided to defy the beliefs of his family and started pursuing his dream of making what he loves the most in this world- music. And thus, began the journey of Mopacino towards becoming one of the finest Rapper-Hip-hop Artist of Arabic origin. But this journey was not easy, for he strived to compose music whose driving force was politics and though he captured responsiveness, which he was seeking in the beginning, yet things began to change as war and terrorism began to make an entry into the picture.

Musical industry was somewhat reluctant to support his movement as the people concerned misunderstood people of Arabic origin. Due to the sensitivity that was present in the world at that time, Mopacino got turned down by various leaders of the musical industry. A proof of such incidents can be drawn from the fact that even after it was decided that T.I. would make a song with him, the song didn’t take place; for T.I. manager and business partner Jason Geter decided otherwise. The reason of his disapproval is assumed to be the existing notion regarding Arab stereotypes.
Mopacino’s Manager began working towards re-launching him by presenting him to more musical companies as time passed and world issues settled down. According to Mopacino’s team, the original concept of Busta Rymes’ “Arab Money was created by them as it was supposed to be an alliance between them and Busta Rymes”, and was supposed to be named “F*cking with the Arabs(Getting Money). Original track was supposed to be used to bring him back to the industry but it was never released and Busta’s “Arab Money” did.
Even after this, Mopacino didn’t lose hope and his team started to work towards finding ways to popularize his unfathomable talent. He was finally able to hit a sync with the audience and won millions of devoted fans when he began to create music by the apt presentation of his fun and laid back personality. His recent release “T.U.G.K Volume 2” on has rendered his fans too excited to wait for the next upcoming album. The growth in his life can easily be realized from the fact that presently, his total worth is of $800k. He will be on the tour with bone Thungs and Harmony and will be releasing a joined Ep with Corey Bapes by the end of the year 2014. You will hear the name of Mopacino for sure by the year 2015, as that is the year when his first album is going to be published by the name of ABOVE GROUND. Keep searching his name on Google and keep tracking the history that is about to be created.

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